Cristiana Pegoraro

Cristiana Pegoraro

January 28, 2022

Friday, 7:30pm

Wesley United Methodist Church

“…As an interpreter of the classics, she evokes the artistic ethos of Paderewski. As an arranger of operatic fantasies, she can win over any audience. Finally, as a composer, she has a clear vision of all things human….” – Piedmont Post, USA, 2019

“…Freshness and joy of life: Pegoraro “re-reads” Vivaldi’s Seasons… Pegoraro’s virtue and technique don’t we discover certainly today. What continues to surprise us is her natural ability to re-reading and re-writing which makes the works she interprets “new”, offering that indescribable feeling to hear them for the first time…” – Oggi7, USA, 2019

“…Her own composition ‘The Wind and the Sea’ is worthy an Academy Award. The audience loved it…” – Piedmont Post, USA, 2017

“…Wonderfully warm, charismatic and communicative… It was a great evening…” – Delaware and Hudson Canvas, USA, 2016

“… A pianist with a refined technique who is also an accomplished composer… Each one of his concerts is an opportunity not to be missed…” – America Oggi, USA, 2016

“…Masterful the performances of Cristiana Pegoraro, who confirmed to be an artist of refined sensibility and brilliant virtuosism…” – La Goccia, Italy, 2015

“…With the music of Piazzolla, Cristiana Pegoraro literally enchanted the audience…” – Il Tempo, Italy, 2015

“…Ms. Pegoraro is a skilled virtuoso, and communicates with intense concentration and heartfelt passion…”

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